Even I'm not much an organized person, nor punctual, but I love searching and reading about journaling and listing. You'll almost never read tips about them without mentioning their great benefits.

Some of influential great minds in the world kept detailed journal of their lives. Journaling and documenting, actually, brings positive things to your life. The same is being said about lists.

But on the cons side, It takes time. We should dedicate time for it and being consistent. Some people has problems about don't have time for journaling and won't bother to write lists because they don't have time to write. I think those two things are related.

Listography is all about documenting your life in lists. It's simple: just write lists, decide the category, and you can see it on your page. Their interface is kinda an empty corkboard which can you fill with post-its. You can write your ideas, life events, favorite books.

Some people (including me) uses it to write reading list, watched movie list, and important links. The possibility is endless. You can also set your lists to private, if you wish. Pictured above is a snippet of my listography page, which displays some of my lists: music playlists, online account, and the like.

When it comes to journal updates, I became a tad bit lazy, if not super lazy. I will update it for one or two months and then abandoned it. With listography, it's easy to keep documenting those things. And sometimes I prefer to forget it.

Listography kinda makes it easier since I just write my life events on bullets instead of long paragraphs. Short, and I can still remember it, plus visually easy to be read. Just one sentence every you stumble into important life events and that way you can kept your own life journal. And hopefully, you can write longer things.

Listography doesn't have native android apps, so currently I just use their web app on desktop. They do have ios apps though. It's a self-funded project and they also release some books about it. Books? Yep, their kind of journal where you write your lists. Digital to traditional, you can do it in Listography.